Team Pink Fundraiser

Baby Mama has offically re-launched and owner mum of two Michelle is doing something very special for women undergoing Breast Cancer treatment and is calling on anyone who would like to help make a difference in the lives and time of these amazing women. Every item purchased 10% of the proceeds goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as the cost towards the very first of the many Breast Cancer designs Michelle has plans to make.

Baby Mama’s “Easy Boob’n®” jumpers and hoodie’s are now not only here to keep breastfeeding mama’s cosy warm in winter but are also about to keep women undergoing breast cancer treatment. No more shawls or blankets draped across their shoulders making their time in treatment just a little bit easier.

How you can help.

Below you can purchase one of the Team Pink jumpers for a women undergoing treatment. When you purchase a Team Pink Jumper Baby Mama then distributes the jumper to one of our many grateful

If you are unable to purchase a jumper at full cost you can still make a donation that will contribute to the cost of a jumper being donated and sent to one of the amazing women.

Michelle will be keeping updates on the process of getting these jumpers out and thanks you personally as well as on behalf of these women <3

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